Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Super Scibor Miniatures

Scibor miniatures are getting better and better. They really are one of the best manufactures of top-end resin minis on the market. Over recent weeks they've been posting photos on their Facebook page - like the ones below - showcasing their different ranges. I've included one here with Dwarfs because I ordinarily find the short folk rather dull. Scibor, however, are developing on a solid base of dwarf minis and introducing some truly characterful dwarf adventurers - like in the second picture. Miniatures like these are an absolute dream to paint. Now... why might I need some dwarfs...?!


  1. They do make some great models I will agree, though a bit Dwarf heavy as you pointed out. I have quite a few of their models, but have to say that they are a bit hit or miss in some cases. Just saying.. and when they are not fully 1 piece the cuts he makes on them are sometimes quite weird.

    1. It's certainly true that some of the multi-piece models require some effort to cover odd joins.


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