Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Hellstriders Of Slaanesh - Out Of The Box

This weekend I've upcycled some toys through eBay. At least I think that's the phrase my wife would use from her interiors blogging. Anyway, I've sold old lead for new toys. Huzzah.

Here we have some Hellstriders of Slaanesh that will be joining the burgeoning ranks of my Realm of Chaos warband/legion. I'm adding legion to the description now because there's only one direction this army is going... Bigger. And it's great fun because I'm building it from the bottom up and get to play with these frankly gorgeous new plastics.

This is a box of five, which is standard for GW but annoying for me as all my units will be multiples of six, following proper RoC lore. Still, these are an excellent start. They're thoroughly other-worldly without being totally OTT. The mounts are incredibly detailed, with varying close textures all over their bodies, heads and legs. The riders are much better than I was anticipating. I'm of the mind that Slaanesh shouldn't be represented on the field of battle by muscular marauders. I prefer the idea of perverted regular troops - the Brentonnians being perfect. These chaps are ok though, because they're more twisted and mutated than others in the current range. I can imagine that in the story of my force they're especially favoured sadists. Happy thoughts!

In summation, this is a class A kit. GW are really banging out quality sets these days. What a fortuitous time to become a Slaaneshi cultist...


  1. Excited to see your finished warband!
    Those Hellstriders are an underrated kit, looks like a plethora of cool bits in there.
    Need to get working on my Slaaneshi warband as well.

    1. They are underrated aren't they. Never thought of getting them before the warband began to develop (into a full army that is!) but very glad I did. A wealth of subtle sculpted detail.


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