Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Oldhammer Warbands Day 2013

It's funny isn't it, you wait for an event to prepare your miniatures for and then two come along at once. Having decided to participate in the very current Armies on Parade (WIP Nurgle photos to follow in the coming days), I've now been absolutely hooked on taking part in the very nostalgic Oldhammer Warbands Day 2013. This is a very old school event that's planned to take place at Foundry in Nottingham, most probably in August. It will mark and celebrate the 25th anniversary of Slaves to Darkness. You can find full details here.

I have always adored the Realm of Chaos books so it's an absolute gift to be able to actually get together with likeminded folks for a big old fashioned wargaming bash. Next week when I actually have more than a minute to myself I'm going to sit down and try rolling up my warband. Depending on what I get, I'll either use the results or take the more straightforward route of picking from the miniatures I already have.

I'm very happy to use models from GW's and other current ranges - for me, being able to pick and choose that way is part of the essence of Oldhammer. And besides, the sculpts these days actually match up to the aesthetic of the art in those glorious Realm of Chaos book. So keep an eye out for the genesis and development of my warband...

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