Monday, 18 February 2013

Oldhammer Warbands Day - Slaaneshi Champion

Plenty of thought went into this beautiful androgynous lump of plastic bits. I've decided to go Slaaneshi in true Oldhammer style: newish models with a classic ethos. I like to think that's pretty much my approach to everything in the hobby. I want to live with every breath filling my lungs with Oldhammer fumes (although that could be the glue).

Slaanesh was an obvious choice for the Realm of Chaos warbands event. My reasoning is that the majority of folks with go with the Blood God, meaning two things: 1. I can add a little extra to my warband, expand it a bit to make up some numbers. 2. I'm likely to be in a 'last stand' situation with my fellow Slaaneshites (hmm that doesn't look quite right for some reason).... So anyway, yes last stand, overpowered by numbers and fortune. A true Realm of Chaos scenario!

Keep an eye out this week for how I put the rest of this champion's band of dirty perverts together.


  1. Very new school but very cool! Is that a tentacle for face?

    excellent blog you have!

    1. Thanks very much. Yes, it's either a tentacle or a fiend of Slaanesh tongue... depends on how the painting goes.

  2. Naughty looking model, proper gruesome :)


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