Thursday, 7 February 2013

Nurgle Daemon Prince WIP

Here's a first look at one of the leaders of my Nurgle gang, the daemon prince. This guy started life being owned by my brother around 18 months ago (my how time flies! [intentional pun]). Now he's shaping up rather nicely with the signature paint job for this project. This is the first time that my bright highlighting has crept onto a larger model - what do you think? - I'm please with how he's going. Of course, it's such a superb model in the first place it's one of those where you can really get a sense of what the sculptor wanted to achieve. Plenty of nooks and ridges to play with - I only wish I wasn't away with work at the moment so that I could spend an evening in his company!


  1. This entire host is going to look majorly old school! Can you put up a group shot of what you have finished or are you going to save that for the reveal of the entire army?


    1. Cheers! I do hope they capture something entirely different to what people usually do these days. A couple more WIPs to follow and then I'll try to do a group WIP shot. Still waiting for some minis to arrive in the post, so there's a looong way to go yet :-)


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