Monday, 4 February 2013

Question Time: Should I Do Armies On Parade?

Ok online buddies, here's a question for you all: should I do Armies On Parade this year? It's Games Workshop's annual display-a-thon and I quite fancy a bit of that display board action. I've never taken my little fellas out of the house before, so this would be a big step for me. Worth a pop? 

I wondered if any of you had taken part before and what your experiences were? I wanted to use it as a good focal point, an excuse for modelling, painting and really tailoring a force - I'm thinking my Nurgle guys, boosted a little to make the sub-group that makes it on the board a full-on GW affair.

I do hope you all tell me it's a good idea... I've already got some new goodies on mail order...!

If you live outside the UK you'll have no idea who this chap is.


  1. Why the hell not man! Your Nurgle army looks sweet so far with lots of character which will make it stand out from the crowd! Make a disgusting base to go with it and I reckon they'll look suitably putrid on their parade day!


    1. Thanks Phil. I'm trying to think of some cool ideas for the base. I want it to be characterful but not over the top. I was going to go for this all guns blazing until I saw the current WD which has an article on AoP. The previous winner in the UK came from Cardiff so there's likely to be some competition!

  2. Ive started an AoP over on my blog.
    Didnt have a clue when it came to designing it, it just sort of evolved though just by doing this I have already planned what I am doing for next years.

    So I say get on it you have a few months and based what ive seen on your blog it will be pretty damn good.

    1. Thanks - almost have all the models I need now, just need to figure out what to do with the display board...


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