Saturday, 23 February 2013

Are Total Wargamer 'Doing A Maelstrom'?

Anyone else out there had trouble with Total Wargamer? It seems that every weekend they're promoting a 30% OFF promotion, but I'm still waiting for a big order from four weeks ago, which on 11 Feb I was told would be 'dispatched in a couple of days'. I'm concerned they're 'doing a Maelstrom' - so to speak - and taking cash to pay for debts, thereby entering vicious circle of unfulfilled orders and pissed off customers. Perhaps big online discounts are indeed, too good to be true?


  1. I think they are restructuring their entire entreprise and are also starting a new company called Mythreal.


    1. I see but does that explain the lack of good customer service or delays?

    2. That sounds a lot like what Marlstrom were doing last summer...


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