Thursday, 21 February 2013

Much Better Photos Of The Plague Drones

These are from the ever-dependable Faeit 212. For me, this seals the deal - I simply cannot wait to get my hands on some of these. I might even get six straight away if the options are good. 


  1. I'm still not sure, for that rather squashed posing of course, but also for what seems to me to be a typical over-stylisation, something that was less clear in the earlier image.

    I do like the beetle-like carapace as an influence, and the form of that one sting on the cover, but as a whole the design feels rather contrived, a composition by numbers limited by needing to be a compact, ranked-up playing piece. The wings are still the highlight for me, but they also look rougher than they did in the earlier image.

    Still, the parts may be greater than the sum in this case - those legs and claws for example, and the head too, depending on how it connects. Maybe the body could be rotated up and used for spiders or grubs?

    1. I think - and hope - that there will be some dynamic posing options in the kits construction. These are the first models for a while that I've been really excited about; in themselves and for the bits and conversion possibilities. I would imagine that if you want something that could be worked into several possibilities, this could be a good deal.


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