Sunday, 24 February 2013

Imperial Fists, Very Early Stages And Planning

So on Friday I had a mini rant about Finecast. Not about how crap it is but about how much I like it. Well here is further evidence of what I was on about. Here you can see (part of) the very early beginning of my Imperial Fists. I've stayed away from power armour up to now, though as someone who spends a good dose of their week in one or the other warhammer universes I could hardly stay away from the Imperium for too long.

I chose the Fists because they're yellow and should be great fun to paint: simple as that really. I've chosen the models you see here because they're some of the most ornate marines currently available. None are specifically Fists - yes, you can see Ultramarines and Black Templars there. Yet thanks to the wonders of Finecast they need not be other than Fisty for long! Resin means easy conversion opportunities. For example, compare these two identical honour guards:

It's not difficult to see which will be easiest to convert to a Fist. And here's what will help me with the whole process - Forge World Imperial Fists etched brass.

This is brilliant value when you consider how much emblem bearing shoulder pads cost. There's enough here to change the insignia on a whole force. I'll be busy with Chaos for a while yet, but in the background I'll be patiently and quietly picking up marines from eBay, getting Finecast bargains every few weeks...

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