Monday, 25 February 2013

In What Can Pleasure Be Found?

Why, anything! Let your imagination run unbound by petty convention. Revel in the acts brought by your knowledge of Slaanesh. Even in the sternest discipline of arms there is satisfaction. So are the Lord of Pleasure's armies brought to the field, willing and ready for the fray - The Hidden Tome Of Slaanesh (RoC SD, p.205)


  1. "Psshh. Slaaneshi Decadents...we shall squish you like bugs!"
    --Amra Azlan, Chaos Dwarf Champion of Khorne

  2. How we, the beautiful ones pity you, the drones of the blood god. Take pleasure in all life's ruptures and gorge in perversion. Drink of all fluids and let them spill where they may. Join us! We will paint archaic runes with what gushes from your trimmed veins - Prince Pet'e La Mort, Human Chanpion of Slaanesh.


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