Monday, 30 July 2012

Recruiting Genestealer Cultists: A Patriarch's Guide

Are you an ambitious Genestealer Patriarch looking to build a cult following from scratch? Are you concerned that plastic Cadians are rather pricey, but equally concerned that models from other manufactures are a little bit too rubbish? Well, let me show you the answer to your prayers! Perhaps.

A while ago I picked up a box of the GW 'basics' range Cadians - the push-fit assembly models. At £5.50 from Hobbycraft (who haven't raised their prices yet) these chaps where a little over a quid per mini and I'm rather impressed with the quality. Of course, they don't have the pose-ability of the proper plastics, but that doesn't really matter, as these blokes will be used as the cannon-fodder-bulk of the cultist squads. As these WIP shots show, the colour scheme for the cultists will mimic the 'natural' tones of the genestealers.

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