Monday, 16 July 2012

6th Edition Genestealer Cult Army List (First Bash Anyway...)

Here's my first bash at a genestealer cult list for 6th edition. This has been designed with a 10-12 game narrative (non-competative) campaign against my brother's Blood Angels (and allies) in mind. A few early WIP photos to follow this week, before I have a week on holiday - with my paints thank goodness! - when I should be able to make some substantial progress. I imagine that this list will be added to in some way over the coming months, very possibly with the introduction of some Renegade Rough Riders led by a stand-in for Mogul Kamir - these guys would be seriously nasty on the charge. 

Genestealer cult army list - (around 1500 points)

Primary Detachment (Imperial Guard Codex)

Genestealer Magus (Primaris Psyker)
3 x Cult Priests (Ministorum) deployed with the Cultist Squads)

3 x Zoat Mercenaries (Ogryns)
Rogue Psyker Battle Squad (6 psykers plus overseer) 

1 x Cultist Command, 5 troops, heavy flamer, heavy bolter, flamer 
2 x Cultist Squads, 20 troops, lascannons, meltaguns, melta bombs
1 x Hybrid Squad (Penal Legion), 10 troops 

Allied Detachment (Tyranid Codex)

Patriarch Genestealer (Hive Tyrant), with armoured shell, old adversary, regeneration, implant attack, adrenal glands 

2 x Genestealer Broods, 22 stealers, adrenal glands, 2 broodlords with implant attack

Something like that anyway. Any ideas, comments, etc. would be most welcome...


  1. Just came across this, which may be of interest if you haven't already seen it:

    1. Thanks Ben - yes I've seen this and it's really impressive. Good to see a completely different take on the cult to the way I'll be going.


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