Monday, 2 July 2012

Alternative Imperial Guard Armies - Victoria Miniatures

I've been pondering the possibilities that an Imperial Guard army offers for a while. I like the idea that with millions upon millions of troops drawn from hundreds of thousands of worlds, one can put together a totally unique force. A massive bonus for me as I look to the future for new projects.

In scouting around for ideas I came across the work of Victoria Lamb, a multi-talented artistic-type from down under. Victoria designs and produces conversion pieces for Imperial Guard armies and you can find a her online shop here. Certainly work a look. Below is a photo of a squad from her 'Praetorian Guard' - inspiring stuff I'm sure you'll agree. ***Correction*** These are old GW models***


  1. That's cool. I was disappointed that Citadel didn't have the Praetorian Guard in their collector's range, so it's nice to see someone making a close equivalent.

  2. Um, those are the Citadel minis dude.

  3. I am sorry, and this is 9 months late, but those aren't her models. They are GW models from the mid- to late-90's.

    Her models and conversions packs are fantastic, but those aren't them.


  4. Yes, thanks for the corrections.


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