Thursday, 26 July 2012

Patriarch Genestealer For 6th Edition Cult

Mapping fluff lists onto actual codex lists can be fun and frustrating in equal measure. Prior to 6th edition - in the twilight of 5th - I was just beginning to get my ideas and models together for the genestealer cult. I looked at other people's attempts at using either the IG or Tyranid lists and nothing seemed to work in a way I liked. With the advent of the allies detachment in 6th all this changed, even if it needed a fluff-tweek of the rules (fluff-tweek sounds far more kinky than I intended ;-). Well anyway, happy days. I plumped for a Hive Tyrant to lead my 'stealers gang, but I didn't really fancy going for the actual model as it didn't seem quite right. Instead I went for the Carnifex - I would've loved the opportunity to work with the amazing Tyrannofex but the sizes were all wrong, sadly. This picture shows my current work in progress. Obviously I'm following the same colour scheme of my other 'stealers for this 'daddy' model, a Carnifex that will use the Hive Tyrant rules. I think I'm going to be very good friends with this fella... 

This is going to be one bad-ass patriarch 

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