Thursday, 12 July 2012

How To Build A Genestealer Cult In 6th Edition?

So 6th edition 40k has arrived and I'm pondering what influences this will have over my genestealer cult. The allies rules in particular raise some interesting questions and opportunities for force organisation. If you overlook the fact that Tyranids can't officially ally with anyone and focus instead on the narrative of the genestealer cult, then it's possible to have the main part of the army drawn from the IG codex and the 'stealers themselves as a contingent of allies.

The first option I've come up with has the benefit of simplicity. Take a Primaris Psyker (the Magus) as HQ and 'Warlord', include a few Ministorum Priests (cult leaders) for added colour, then fill out the troops slots with normal grunt types. The 'stealers can then come in as allies, with some kind of Patriarch Genestealer as HQ (a nifty conversion from Hive Tyrant perhaps... ooh that sounds like fun, although a Tyranid Prime conversion would probably be a better fit) and then 'stealers in the troops slots.

But that would probably mean loosing hybrids and the great narrative colour they would lend the force. Or would it?  I suppose one option would be to model the first/second generation hybrids and simply include them with the purestrains, while dropping converted third/fourth generations hybrids in with the IG style grunts. Perhaps that's the most 'elegant' solution... one that doesn't depend on too much retro-cranking of the rules from Rogue Trader? Definitely something to ponder...


  1. I don't remember what stats hybrids had, but what about something like counts-as Orks?

  2. I've been pondering this myself. If I was to get back into 40k, the genestealer cult would be my army of choice. Finding a fit for the hybrids seems to be the thing. Oh, and where to put the limo.

  3. How about some Penal Legions - with their abilities as a hybrid between Genestealers and Humans? They can have Rending.. etc.

  4. Penal Legions as hybrids - excellent idea! Many thanks for that, I'll be adding it to my weekend of planning.

  5. Here's my idea for a Cult in 6th, with the new Chaos Codex not far away with them they bring Cultists. So Cultist as Brood Brothers, Possessed as 3rd/4th Hybrids or Stealers, Genestealer Patriarch as a Deamon Prince. Using Allied rules Stealers could use the rules for Deamonettes and again the Genestealer Patriarch.

    1. That could work - do let me know if you give it a try. I wonder how you would deal with the demonic special rule though, as that wouldn't really suit genestealers.


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