Friday, 27 July 2012

That Was The Week That Was #5

My mini round-up this week has a mini-titan feel (if mini-titan isn't an oxymoron too far!)... read on fellow travellers...

1. This brilliant conversion has been doing the rounds for a couple of weeks - it's MGB's Stormtalon Assault Walker Conversion. As far as 'mini-titans' go, this is a damn fine machine! I'd love to see this medium sized walker all painted up. Let's hope they get this done soon.

2. This second example isn't as impressive (but I do appreciate the effort), it's a Knight Errant Titan for a Admech army:

3. Finally - HOLY MOLY! - it's a scratch built Tau Manta (insert multiple exclamation marks...). The Forge World version of this beast costs nearly a grand, so I can appreciate why someone would go for the home brewed option. Personally I think the scale of this model makes it almost impossible to capture all of the detail and it's a project that might be doomed to look far too amateur. Having said that, I am a massive fan of such ludicrous ambition, so a massive round of applause for the vision and effort :-) 

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