Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The 'RazorMaw' (Beastmen Razorgor Substitute)

A break from all things genestealer today and a brief return to the depths of the forests of the Old World for the beginning of August. I call this fearsome beast the 'Razormaw' and I'll be using it as a Razorgor substitute with my beastie boys. The sharp eyed among you will recognise that this is a converted Dire Troll Blitzer from Hordes. I simply swapped the little goblin chap with his machine gun for a properly chaotic trophy rack. I based in blue and purple and have been building up flesh shades over the top - I'm really pleased with the effect this has produced and will have to find a place for this across a whole army at some point. I'm just started the process of characteristically stark white highlighting and more careful glazes and washes.


  1. Very nice Davey. looks like a great centerpiece.

  2. Thanks! I do hope it does't get lost in the shadow of all the other (larger) monsters.


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