Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Star Wars 40k Titan Conversions - Help Needed!

Hey folks, does anyone out there have a picture of a Star Wars scout walker (AT ST) converted into a 40k titan? I remember seeing one a long time ago, way back in the late 80s or early 90s, and I believe it was in a White Dwarf. I've searched the web and all I could find was an interesting discussion on a Tau forum about Star Wars 'counts-as' armies and a rather nifty conversion of the AT AT walker, pictured below:

Converted AT AT
The reason I'm asking is that I took my son to an 'antique' toy store today and the guy there had loads of Star Wars walkers at very reasonable prices - £15 - just as a modelling challenge, I fancy doing a (heavily converted!) homemade titan based on the AT ST: I think it could look rather good as a warhound, perhaps with Forge World weapon arms attached...

Ah, the memories...!


  1. Yes I have a picture of the model you are discussing. It was built by Tony Cottrell and appears on page 38 of Fantasy Miniatures. I have uploaded a copy to my scribd account.

    Here's the link

    Hope that helps.


    1. That's it! Thank you so much for that, you are a true gent :-)

  2. If I remember correctly the carapace was made out of an old Red Scavenger Zoid image here.

    1. Ah ha, the pieces all fall into place. Many thanks for that.


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