Thursday, 16 August 2012

What Scale Is 40k? Some Possible Answers

With all this looking at titans over the past week or so, I've been thinking quite a bit about the scale of models in 40k and in doing so I've come across two very useful articles/sites. Firstly, there's an interesting discussion going on over at From The Warp about 'true scale' models. This has included a second piece about 'true scale' terminator armour, which is available from Three Stage Studios:

Now, I can't understand for one moment why anyone would be so very obsessed with getting the scale of all their toy soldiers to match up quite so precisely, but it does make for interesting reading and it's certainly worth thinking about when matching up models from different manufactures. Which brings me neatly onto the second site that I've been looking at. It's a photo gallery compiled by a chap called Joao Luis (as far as I can tell) and it offers two sections; firstly, a set of images that compares 40k and models of 'real life' vehicles:

And secondly, a set of images that compares 40k with minis other gaming systems:

This site is very helpful, particularly if you're currently thinking of making something from scratch, kit bashing, or simply bringing in something from another company. I've certainly been looking at the DUST walkers for some time, and the picture above demonstrates that they'd work rather well in 40k. Hopefully you'll find something useful on these sites too, and bravo to Joao for putting it all together.


  1. I know some people like to make 'true scale' power armour marines. I prefer to think that the SMs are the correct 'scale' and pretty much everything else (especially IG) is too big...

    1. Especially Catachan arm muscles :-)


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