Friday, 17 August 2012

Starter Box Chaos Cultist First Picture?

Hopefully this is a genuine leaked picture I've just discovered, with others, over at Dark Future Gaming. The cultists are the models I'm most looking forward too as the Forge World models and conversion sets are rather pricey. If this is real and a fair example of what we'll get in the coming weeks then I'm a very happy boy.


  1. This one looks nice indeed, though I assume that these will be simple one piece or push-fit figures, so I want to know what the rest will look like (hoping there's enough variety) and how easy it will be to convert (e.g. head swaps for Necromunda gangers). Hopefully we'll see a new multi-part plastic kit of these guys too, otherwise people will be buying the box set just for cultists (or paying crazy prices on eBay).

  2. I would imagine and hope that they will also come in a stand-alone box


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