Thursday, 5 January 2012

Warhammer Giant - Stage One WIP

A rather early WIP this one, but an interesting one I hope, as it demonstrates the initial stages of painting style I'm going to develop in the coming months. This evening I managed to get most of the base coat colours on my Warhammer Giant. I've been holding off work on this chap for ages and it feels great to see him taking some paint. In my reckoning, until the monstrous arrivals of 2011 this model was the best available in the WFB range - it's bursting with options and character and makes for a great centrepiece (even if it is now dominated by some of the newer, larger creatures).

Here I've primed in white, followed with a base of P3 Ryn Flesh, a quick Ogryn Flesh wash around the skin, then started to build up the basis of the colours using citadel washes (the green and purple), the yellow P3 ink, and transparent red and blue from Model Color.

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