Monday, 16 January 2012

Cockatrice - Out Of The Box (And Finecast Seems Good Once Again!)

My trip to the Saturday Crèche (e.g. GW) didn't quite go as projected because as last week progressed I gradually lost enthusiasm for the new undead models. So in the true spirit of an evil mastermind amassing beasts for a vile dread host, I took the chance to grab a miniature that's been on my wanted list for some time: the Cockatrice. Roll the Finecast dice once again... *holds breath*

Still frustratingly too young for his own armies
Bravely - and despite a previous promise that I made to myself - I didn't open the box until I got home. This could have meant a march into the city again on Sunday, but luckily, everything was ship-shape with this kit. In fact, it's brilliant - I don't think I could be more pleased with this model. First off, the price is incredibly reasonable - £21.50 here in the UK, and for a monster of this size and detail, that has to be a bargain. All aspects of the model are sharp and well defined.

Contents as I found it
It went together as easily as resin should, with gaps very similar to the old white metal models. The only mystery part was the right leg, which appeared to be partially miscast - see the red arrow - not a major problem at all and something quickly fixed with a little greenstuff. Overall the prep here will be about the same as if it was a metal piece.

Looks like a slow motion crossbow wound 
So here's the foul beast stuck together. The only odd thing about it - and I realise I've not got a photo to illustrate this (will add one with the WIP posts) - is how thin the head and body actually are. Not problematically so, just in a way that isn't captured at all by any of the promo photos. Anyway, I'm chuffed with this one.

Also known as a Basilisk 

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