Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Nerdamorphosis Enters Comics Phase

It's rather odd that at my age I've discovered comics. Not that I was entirely unfamiliar with them you understand, but everything I've read so far this year has been in the form of a comic or a graphic novel. (Without going into a lengthy semantic discussion, I mean a monthly issue or a collection... I know enough about the politics of this kind of thing to steer clear of claiming anything too boldly... look, I'm just going to stick with calling them all comics, ok?)

I'm finding it very liberating and rather inspiring. Liberating because it's great to have access to a whole medium of literature, replete with numerous sub-genres that I've never tapped into before; inspiring because every page contains studies in light, shading, and (sometimes) colour that can easily be plundered for miniature painting ideas.

The two titles that I'm reading at the moment are The Walking Dead (I've just made it to the current issue) and Uncanny X-Men. I imagine that - given my general sensibilities - in the future I'll probably focus on picking up independent titles, as well as working my way through Alan Moore's back catalogue (I've owned a copy of Watchmen for a while). My transformation into shameless man/child/nerd continues apace... I just need to pick up a natty outfit like this chap for my nerdamorphosis to be complete:

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