Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Paintbrush Nirvana and Some Serious Hobby Bling

I never get any hobby in on Monday evenings as I have to get the weekly supermarket shop - this does mean, however, that I get the chance to pop into arts and crafts behemoth Hobbycraft for any odd bits I might need. I've been asking too much of my faithful Pro Arte brushes recently, so I decided to take the plunge and pick up a full set yesterday.

My hobby detritus zone (which generally follows me around the house) is now a good deal classier due to the presence of some fantastic brushes from the Pro Arte Series 107. I truly am in paintbrush nirvana.

With gold handles, no less. Hobby bling.
This is what Pro Arte say about this range: 

Prolene Spotting Brush - Formulated with the model maker and miniaturist primarily in mind. Most of the belly has been incorporated into the ferrules. Little of the brush filament is visible but the tip is very sharp giving great spring and precision in use. Seamless nickel ferrules. Gold polished handles with black tips. Sizes: 0000-000-00-0-1-2-3-4-5-6

This is what I say:

Everyone knows that you need good brushes. It's not rocket science / brain surgery / doing long division (always hated that at school). I spent an hour playing around with these today on the Chapel that I'm rehearsing techniques on and they've proved to be the perfect tools. Most striking is the sharpness of the points - I mostly worked with the Size 4 brush, which would at first appear to be massive, but it's actually incredibly precise and easy to control. Highly recommended and certainly worth a look if, like me, you're a serious 'intermediate-level' painter looking to develop technique. 

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