Sunday, 1 January 2012

Jabberslythe - Out Of The Box

Following my ordeal with the mangler squigs you might have thought that it would be some time before I crossed paths with Finecast again. However, a Christmas present later and I have the new GW Jabberslythe to work with. I don't have a beastmen army so this is a pure monsterly goodness indulgence model - and so may 2012 continue! 

Although all the individual parts were in very good order, as these photos show, this bad boy needed quite a lot of greenstuff to fill all the gaps, some of which were a good few millimetres wide. To achieve this I used a mixture of 'traditional' and 'liquid' greenstuff, which I smoothed down with a good amount of water applied with a paintbrush.

The photo above shows a small repair that I had to make to the tongue. Finecast, it seems, is as fragile as reported - a two foot drop from a coffee table resulted in a clean snap. I also re-angled the head (this was on purpose) to make the model more dynamic and I'm very pleased with how this has turned out. The scenic base is a great touch although the amount of work that I had to carry out fixing gaps in the forearms meant that while it would have been very useful to leave it as a separate piece for the purposes of painting, this ultimately seemed impractical.  

I thought I would include a couple of additional photos of the undercoating process, simply because I got to use my father-in-law's man-cave...

Overall I'm very pleased with the Jabberslythe so far. It's taking the paint very well and the detail is excellent. Could this be a personal redemption for Finecast...?

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