Wednesday, 11 January 2012

On The 40K 6th Edition Rulebook Leak

We are very familiar with leeks here in Wales
On the whole I'd been ignoring all the rumours about the up-coming 6th edition of 40k. Well... all apart from the likely June/July release date, as that gives me some kind of idea when I may start tackling the untouched box of Dark Eldar that occasionally stare at me as I walk past them. However, over the last 24 hours the rumour mills have gone into overdrive as it seems that a playtester copy of the new rules has been 'leaked' as a very basic pdf document. This presents us with a very interesting set of circumstances and it will be fascinating to see how they play out. There are two basic scenarios here:

1. The rule are real. Perhaps they have been intentionally leaked as a marketing ploy? How will this get established?

2. The rules are fake. Someone has taken the time to mash together the old rules with all the rumoured new ones, along with a good dose of their own ideas. Surely if someone was involved in such an detailed hoax they wouldn't be able to resist owning up at some point? 

I've not started playing 40k again yet, so I'm something of a dispassionate bystander and observer. Sociologically, however, it's going to be intriguing to watch what happens over the next few days, weeks, or even months.

****UPDATE*** See a far more insightful and interesting post on this here by Jake Thornton*** 

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