Thursday, 19 January 2012

Fabulous Warhammer Maps

I've just found a great website that has fantastic copies of all the maps of the Warhammer world a GM, WFRP player, WFB campaign organiser, or just a plain old fan could desire. Some people will doubtless be familiar with it, but it's simply an amazing resource - check out Gitzman's Gallery.

The City of Nuln - soon to feature in my current WFRP adventure (as long as the PCs don't get horribly murdered on the way there...)


  1. Good God. Much thanks for the link!

    1. A pleasure! It's distracted me from work most of the afternoon...

  2. Great find right enough, haven't seen this site before. Good maps are always useful, And I just like maps. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. That's FIT. I was looking after WFRP-1 scenarios and supplements earlier today and thinking "man I wish I still had some of those."


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