Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Zombie Week: Day Two

Day Two... No true progress today due to long work journeys and it being our regular games night (with a first play test of some 40k skirmish rules I've been playing around with). So here a lovely zombie picture to cheer up a summer evening.


  1. I remember the older version of this drawing with a n orange/red background, is this from an exhibition?

    There are a few other reworkings like that by JB Vampyre Counts and Primarch artworks and they're always interesting to compare to the original versions, a fascinating and inspirational experiment in textures and atmosphere.

  2. I'm really inspired by his work. I find it far more interesting and fulfilling to follow his style when painting models rather than any of the standard methods for painting.

    This picture is taken from the current Vampire Counts army book.

    1. Here's the original/alternate version of the drawing on gothicpunk: http://gothicpunk.tumblr.com/image/34826366711

      And I feel exactly the same about John's work, it's best kind of fantasy art, drawn to provoke and fascinate and is very much the stuff of inspiration. And his miniatures are fully realized characters rather than just game pieces.

    2. Many thanks for that link. With the zombies I'm trying to emulate the look of JB's backgrounds, those less well defined but strikingly dynamic and painterly aspects of his paintings.


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