Tuesday, 16 July 2013

A Very Orky Distraction

I doubt that I'm the first hobbyist to damn themselves for constantly getting distracted. I'm certain I'm not the last. There are just so many new toys out there demanding to be bought. Things aren't helped by the unique pleasure associated with assembling plastics. During the recent hobby lull that afflicted me due to non-packed paints for a week in Cornwall I filled that vacated hole with reading and planning with the Ork codex - the plan? Feral Orks for the 2014 Armies on Parade. Now that's thinking ahead! But it's meant that for the last fortnight I've been converting batches of models from Orcs to Orks - I started out back in the hobby building on the contents of the Battle for Skull Pass set, so I gathered plenty of greenskins during that re-christening period, almost all of which I didn't bother to paint. Thus, Orks are a great option, especially considering how cool the newish Savage Orcs are. 

There is another historical link here, because I played Feral Orks way back in the days of Rogue Trader. Back then it was as a consequence of having a mix of futuristic and wild boyz, and a distinct lack of any funds whatsoever to use to build an army. Now, things are somewhat different. Consider, for example, the prospect of converting up a whole range of cyborg-squig-creatures to take the place of trucks and battlewagons and bikes... The future is green (with lashings of orange I imagine too).


  1. Ah... Greenskins... My first love :)

    I'm looking forward to seeing your army progress.

    I really need to get back to mine at some point, just been on a long unintended hobby hiatus :(

    1. Mine too really!

      I think I'll do a couple of 'test' models to explore colours and then put them into reserve until the autumn as I really need to focus on meeting my targets for Armies on Parade and the Oldhammer day.


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