Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Zombie Week: Day Seven

Day Seven... "I wasted time, and now doth time waste me..."

Time really is the killer when it comes to having this hobby alongside a busy job and a full-on family life (son 4, daughter 20 months, wife beautiful with reasonable levels of maintenance...). It might not look like I've managed to do that much here, but believe me, this took some effort. Being a hobbyist in circumstances like mine, you find you have to steal time with guerilla tactics, or negotiate it like a slippery politician. Every moment counts.

This has been an incredibly worthwhile exercise. Not only have I got a unit up to a basic tabletop standard, I've developed a new painterly technique that I'm still happy with after a few days (this really IS an achievement!), and I've set a new era of productivity in motion. Sure I'll still flip flop between projects but so much more will happen between flips... with minimal flops, I hope.

I'll put the final touches to this lot after the compulsory summer week at the in laws, which begins Friday, and will see me focusing on my warbands for Oldhammer day.

Apologies for the slightly blurred picture, it was raining so I had to be quick

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