Saturday, 27 July 2013

The New Lizardmen Bastiladon Will Make A Perfect Feral Ork Squiggoth

I'm really glad I held off on getting too deeply into my new Feral Ork project because the new Lizardmen Bastiladon has arrived and it will make the perfect smaller Squiggoth. I'm not certain exactly how they compare size wise, but with plasticard and Forge World guns I can surely turn this plastic kit into a living Battlewagon. This project just came alive!


  1. Good call. I think it makes an awesome Ork beast, but not crazy about it for the Lizardmen... I prefer the current stegadon by far for lizards. But the Ork in me would love to have it.

    1. It will be very tempting to get some when they hit the shops... Must resist though and finish my current projects first!


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