Friday, 26 July 2013

Zombie Week: Day Four

Day Four... Last night I brought all the rotters up to the same stage with basic washes and highlights, and added black edges to some of the bases. I must say that while the Titan Forge undead trolls are rather neat, the zomblins are of a much lower standard. It looks as if the casting hasn't work properly, something like that. This is disappointing but I'll focus on them tomorrow and see if I can get them up to a reasonable standard.

With the models in the picture you can see the effect of my white wet brushing, a technique I'm using to give an multi-layered 'John Blanche style' look to my work. This - like so many good things - started as an experiment. I'm now slightly realigning my plans for the overall look of the army and getting an extra burst of excitement!

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