Sunday, 28 July 2013

Zombie Week: Day Five

Day five... Ah, the grim realities of painting large regiments for WFB. On day four I enjoyed the discovery of a new way of using wet brushing and glazes to achieve a hugely satisfying Blanche-type effect. Oh how the mighty have fallen! Yesterday and, I must admit, a little bit today I slogged through daubing the bases in sepia ink and white wet brushing all the remaining human zombies. What a chore. There truly is no glamour in painting the regiment way. It's easy to see how people who just admit to getting painting 'done' struggle to feel motivated or even bothered sometimes. I do gain some solace though from that fact that my usual WFB play from now on will be in 3rd edition, where smaller units are more common. The undead, however, need to be fairly horde-like in all editions. Maybe in future the trick will be to paint a regiment for 4 or 5 days, then spend a couple on a character? 


  1. I sympathise...

    I started off all gung ho on my undead then stalled after my test figures I blogged and they just haven't clicked so I need time to process.

    So I started my Space Marine project (I know what a sellout eh :P )and I have really been enjoying it and stretching my skills and no end yet!

    My tip for these guys Davey use your biggest brush possible.

    1. Unfortunately the bigger brush solution won't work with the wet brushing technique, which requires long, thin bristles.

      I guess I'll have to take this as character building and ignore my own Space Marines that are clustered in a corner of my hobby cabinet!

    2. Just think what would Blanche do?

    3. Right! Now where's that inquisitorial retinue...?


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