Saturday, 31 August 2013

Dear Fan Boys, Please Stop Breaking The GW Website!

For goodness sake, has the world gone utterly mad? I'm just a casual observer wanting to take a glance at some new toys. From what I can just about see, what's on offer is an almost-exactly-the-same tactical squad, a couple of ok-ish characters, and the weirdest bloody fat Space Marines I've ever seen. Seriously? You want to break the GW site in a stampede for these?!


  1. Ok-ish characters is being a little generous. I looked at the stuff last night by just telling them I was in the UK as opposed to US. Might be able to add some more character to my marines with the sternguard and vanguard sets but nothing worth whipping out the charge at full retail.

    1. I always feel they just need to introduce some more dynamic poses - why are Marines always so static? I agree the sternguard and vanguards are the best of the bunch.

  2. yeah, those marines are uninspiring.. which is the nicest way I can put it

    although this captcha says 'scumnub' which seems like another way

  3. Ha! Scumnub would be a great Ork name :-)


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