Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Coming Of The Night Trolls

Everyone knows I have a weakness for monsters of pretty much every kind - trolls in particular - so my monster radar when off the chart when I saw this Night Troll that's on the way from Privateer Press. Even more than before I'm dreaming of a troll army for WFB. If these are the new resin/plastic material and can therefore be posed, I might be tempted to make a unit of these gnarly critters to kick off my very own trollmageddon!  


  1. I haven't liked a lot of the new Troll beasts they;ve done, preferring the style of the older ones, but this one is amazing. and it's on their site, it is in fact plastic.

    1. Brilliant. I agree the older ones were pretty cool, I've converted one of the old style Dire Trolls for my Beastmen. I do like the new Slag and Storm Trolls too.


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