Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Disappearing Pleasures Of GW Metal Miniatures, Or, Am I A Leadhead After All?

How many more times will I start a hobby session with one of these blister packs?

Here we have Morghur, Master of Skulls. Still available direct from GW in a soulless white box. I got mine from eBay of course.

Looking at this pack I realised that this is a disappearing pleasure - certainly where GW is concerned, and considering the way things are going across the market, one that will become scarce with all manufacturers sooner or later.

I decided to share the pleasure as best I could with my kids. My daughter was allowed to open the pack and 'check over' the components. On close inspection she seemed happy enough with them ;-)

Then I asked my son to mix together his first ever batch of greenstuff, which he did with gusto. In the meantime I primed up the super glue (by taking the lid off), and we then sat together and 'super-green-stuffed' the little blighter together. Excess greenstuff came in handy for creating additional tentacles of mutation around the base (Morghur is a powerful and twisted shaman).

And there you have it. Primed in white and with a light coating of a sepia ink wash, ready to be worked on during the coming cold winter nights. A really great and characterful model and an utter - yet unexpected - pleasure to work with white metal. Perhaps I'm more of a leadhead than I realised!


  1. What a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing. It certainly is going to become rarer and rarer. Think I might start providing shots of any blisters I open up for projects on the blog from now on so others can share in the joy.



  2. excellent teamwork! =)
    but, you had to remind me... I keep hoping that a good number of the smaller companies are going to keep the lead and pewter stuff rolling out for sometime...
    I am missing these blister packs too... the more the packaging has 'improved' in quality, the more it has lost a certain charm to me...

  3. Thank you both. It was really fun to make the most of a tactile pleasure that is fading away.

  4. I am fortunate in that I have enough blisters stockpiled to last years, but it is sad that my children will not know the pleasure of blister packs the way I do.

    1. I think there are genuine pleasures in the new kits. The current plastics, for example, with their multitude of options, are really cool to pull out of the box and work with.

  5. That sounds like it was a blast. I miss having a pegboard where I used to keep unopened blisters, seems like that was a long time ago now (it wasn't).

    1. True, changes bed in very quickly. It wasn't that long ago that finecast came into our lives.


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