Saturday, 17 August 2013

Champions Of Slaanesh Progress Report - Realm Of Chaos Warbands

Some general progress has been achieved on my Slaanesh champions. I'm still experimenting a little with these colours, mostly through the retinue troops, and once I've figured out how to mix a few lighter blends I'll finish these perverted leaders. I'm really pleased with the colour scheme, which includes Citadel (Slaanesh Grey, Emperor's Children, Ice Blue, various washes), P3 (Murderous Magenta, Carnal Pink), Daler Rowney (Process Cyan), Model Color (Hull Red) and Army Painter (Dark Tone) paints.


  1. I like your use of colours. They look very well painted and my only critique would be that the elves are a bit unambitious when compared to the chaos warrior. Still they look great, keep it up!

    1. Thank you. Yes, there's no conversion work on the elves - I just like the models how they are! But the upcoming cultists will hopefully make up for that :-)


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