Sunday, 1 September 2013

Building New Hobbyists: Getting The Kids Painting

I was sad to miss the Oldhammer event this weekend, so I set about doing a few things to make up for it. The first was to spend some time letting my kids join in with my hobby. My son has painted a little before, but it was a first for my daughter, and we all took turns base coating some Chaos Space Marines. I was pretty impressed with the care and attention that they took - just look at the concentration on my daughter's face! I think that when I get the chance I may pick up a few new cheap models - I'm thinking Termagaunts - and see what they can do totally on their own (my son mostly, with a little guidance). Next weekend we'll try some basic gaming.



  1. Davey, absolutely fantastic! There's nothing as much fun as passing the torch onto the next generation. It always amazes me how much my kids like doing hobby stuff. It's something about the attraction of pots of paint and the freedom to make a bit of mess perhaps, but kids are so keen just to do anything craft and arty. Always a fun time, so bravo, Sir!!

    1. Thank you Sidney! I'm thinking of buying my son a small AirFix (or similar) tank to work on this weekend, give him the chance to get stuck into something of his own. Also, I'm planning on getting them to do some simple gaming. They really love dice, so that's a good sign!


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