Monday, 2 September 2013

Mierce Miniatures Kermorannac WIP

Say what you like about Mierce Miniatures and their patchy background, they do make some fantastic fantasy models. The Kermorannac is one of their older pre-Kickstarter models and it's bursting with character and - a rare thing these days - humour: the squealing pig is a nice touch and this is the only anatomically correct model in my collection. I'm going all multi-layered and open-ended with this one, so I can enjoy myself and remember the simply joys of this great hobby. 

I'll probably use him as a Cygor in my beastmen army.


  1. That is a nice sculpt. I have a bunch of minis for a historical celt army that I keep thinking someday I'll get to, and thought it'd be nice to add a few monsters to it so it could also be a 'beastman' army for warhammer, and this guy would be perfect for that. tempting.

    nice when you can settle in & just enjoy the process of a mini

    1. All the Mierce minis that I've got are very good, clean sculpts in good quality resin.

      They do a number of minis that might fit into a celtic theme, several monsters and a few human character models.


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