Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Transformers Vs Transmorphers?

Compare / contrast and wonder at the marvellous B-movie budget cash-ins that go straight to DVD in an attempt to grab the attention of unsuspecting, thrifty, hungover and/or possibly educationally subnormal consumers. Plenty more where this comes from - follow the link. Then you might want to take a moment to sit in quiet contemplation to consider the career of C. Thomas Howell, a man who thought it was worthwhile appearing in 'War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave', which is possibly the greatest sci fi case of not getting the point...


  1. Transmorphers! Movies in Disguise!

    There is a channel on our Virgin box (Movies 24, I think) whose schedule consists entirely of near-name imitators of blockbusters.

    A similar thing happens with computer games, and has done for some time. I remember being rather upset when I asked, for Christmas, for Robocop for the NES and got, instead, Robowarrior - widely regarded as one of the worst games ever released for the NES. Those were the says when I'd get two games a year - birthday and Christmas. Damn it, I'm still upset.

    1. How could you watch anything else?! Although I think Virgin have missed a trick by not calling it the C. Thomas Howell channel.


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