Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Here Come The Beastie Boys (And Girls)

It looks as if this will be the month of the Brayherd. I've been farting around doing bits and pieces for rather too long so it's about time I put together some kind of concerted effort to actually finish something. To this end, here's my workload for the next four weeks:

The Brayherd: Part The First
This is partly a painting challenge - now I've got a method for painting fleshy and furry bits I'm really happy with I'm keen to plough on and refine several approaches - but it's also an opportunity to get the backbone of a force together to try out my developing home cooked ruleset (outlined in theory here). In sum this is my Pipe Dream for the month of May

This isn't the complete Brayherd, obviously. I have some plans for a chariot, some cunningly converted harpies (deamonettes with tyranid wings) and spider mutated centigors (hmmm, foul beasts...). I'm also on the lookout for ungor type proxies (skirmishers essentially) that are female, in order to complete this frenzied rabble.

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