Monday, 21 May 2012

Genestealer Cultists Test Models

Not much free time over the last few days, but I have been able to put together some genestealer cultists from the assortment that is my bits box together with the fruits of sprue mountain. Going for a steampunk look I've mixed Bret heads and bits with free company bodies and pistols from the Empire, then stuck in some extra cogs and such liberated (i.e. smashed) from an old watch. I'll now resist the urge to start painting them straight away and figure out a good colour scheme.


  1. I like Genestealer cults, and I like these figures, but afraid that they don't scream 'Genestealer cult' to me - if anything, I'd think they were something from Mordheim (Witchhunters?).

    Maybe this just shows that I lack the imagination for steampunk in 40k, but that's just my 2p's worth. As always, it's your hobby (and I'm assuming that this is more of a modelling project anyway).

    1. Thanks. I'm trying to work with a Necromunda type vibe on these, drawing some inspiration from the Redemptionist gang for example. I like the idea of a genestealer cult more than I like the way that others have realised it - I really don't like the gangster limos! So I'm doing my own up-dated and simplified version with a unit of cultists, one of hybrids (more on those later this week hopefully), and of course, the genestealers themselves.


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