Friday, 11 May 2012

Instant Mold - First Experiments

After watching a few tutorials on YouTube I decided to get hold of some of 'Instant Mold' material and have a go at making a few homemade bits. I ordered some 'rapid mold' from Anvil Industry yesterday and it arrived this morning (very quick service and by far the cheapest deal I could find online). I had a quick play with them this lunchtime and here are the results.

First I tried to made a duplicate turbine backpack that I'd got from Anvil Industry's Steam Lords range. As you can see from the photo I really managed to attain that desired 'melty' look! Actually, I was reasonably pleased with this, as the molding sticks (seen in the background) aren't falling-off-a-chair easy to use. I think they will require plenty of practice.

Actually the duplicate turbine looks rather better in real life - certainly it would be useable for nurgle traitor guard or similar. More of a success was my attempt with fur. Here I simply squished the heated mold stick against the side of a GW boar a few times in order to get the following effect:   

It will be very easy to make endless pelts and the like with this method. It actually got me thinking too - I wondering if the best way to duplicate bulkier objects would be to do half in one mold and half in another... this will be my experiment this weekend!

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