Thursday, 4 October 2012

Painting Nomad Seeks Organisation, Must Have GSOH

In an effort to overcome my disorderly nature during this premium month for getting some serious painting done, I've made sure to kick things off with a good sort and tidy of the old paint box. Over the last year or so this got extremely jumbled, just like my mind specifically and life more generally. So some kind of reorganisation was on the cards. I'm what you might call a painting nomad in that, unlike those fortunate enough to have a permanent base for their painting operations, I move mine around constantly as the tides of daily life with two small kids dictate.

I'm not sure how anyone else organises their paints and because the chance of me misplacing then buying the same colour again was almost a reality last week, I enlisted the help of my wife; also known as she-who-knows-about-things. On her advice I have reorganised thusly:

This sort of follows the colour spectrum - with the obvious anomalies of metals and flesh. I've more-or-less phased out metals from my work following the development of a very simple but satisfactory non-metalic-metals approach. More on that as the WIP photos pop up over the coming days and weeks. 


  1. I'm in the middle of a mass organising at the moment too.

    I just moved all the furniture around in our hobby room.

    Now comes the task of putting my workspace in order and organising all my tools on it.

    1. I envy your hobby room, mine became my son's bedroom (I don't really mind though) :-)


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