Monday, 15 October 2012

Building Better Nurgle Chaos Space Marines

This is all entirely subjective, of course, and should be read as such. It's really a matter of cash flow and personal taste that's got me thinking this way, and my initial pondering on how to build on the contents of Dark Vengeance. So here we go...

This one's easy as I already have it covered. A while ago I picked up this rotten lord from Scibor. I really love this mini and I think it makes for an excellent stand-in for Typhus. I also have the Nurgle Daemon Prince, so it's all happy days for HQ.

Here's where we get creative. I've been looking for ages for a cheaper alternative to the GW Plague Marines but with no luck. This week those creative chaps at Avatars of War have released their Corrupters of Apocalypse and I think I'm in potential conversion heaven. Grab some bolters, some of the great biohazard backpacks from MaxMini and... these could be ideal.

In addition I'll have a blob squad of 35 cultists from my Dark Vengeance boxes. And obviously a batch of 35 plague zombies - I don't pay any attention to these silly arguments floating around that the limit is 10 for these squads, because it's obviously an error in the codex and big zombie squads is clearly in the spirit of the game.

With two Helbrutes and a bunch of Chosen these slots are sewn-up for now.

Fast Attack
Like many people I don't like the new robot chicken that much. It's fine, but not very Nurgle. So I was intrigued when this monstrosity popped up on the GW blog the other day:

Pretty inventive, don't you think? I'm definitely planning on doing my own - even more Nurglesque - conversion of the Orcs and Goblin's massive spider. Should be a blast! 

Heavy Support
I'm not that keen on the dino-bots either. So my plans for a ForgeFiend begin with...

The Forge World Chaos Siege Giant. I'll 'Nurgle' this chap up with a back covered in boils and seeping wounds and bash together some ectoplasma cannons that will sit within the arm blades and be wired into his flesh in a very daemon engine sort of way. 

Don't hold your breath for any of this to happen as I am, as experience has proved, a slow lane hobbyist. But I'm really starting to get into these ideas...

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