Wednesday, 24 October 2012

John Blanche In Next White Dwarf, New Photo

It's really great that John Blanche is a regular in White Dwarf again - it's just a shame that his input isn't enough to justify the price tag (in my humble opinion etc, etc.). So in the spirit of spreading pictures of his glorious minis around the web so that they can exert maximum influence, here's a photo that popped up on the GW website today. In this theme, I'm going to scan those from the last WD this evening and put them in a post tomorrow...


  1. It's pretty much the only thing that has tempted me to buy White Dwarf for a long time...

  2. I admit I am only buying it for these. Scans don't cut it for me!

  3. Blanche loves that nurgle hero model, doesn't he? It's quite amazing how much mileage he gets out of it for conversions.

    1. He certainly does! Matches his style very well I suppose.

  4. blanche is the man. That is it.


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