Friday, 28 September 2012

That Was The Week That Was #8

This week's roundup captures three aspects of hobby brilliance... in my book at least. That perfect synergy between converting, painting and gaming; a dedication to exploring the fine grain of gaming systems and playability; the raw sculpting excellence that makes sitting down with a new miniature such a joy.

1. Feast your eyes on the incredible Blood Bowl Hall Of Fame at Laughing Ferret's Lab... probably the most inspiring hobby blog page I've ever seen. The Underworld Warp Drivers are one of my favourites:

2. Sink your teeth into an astonishingly detailed discussion of The Lore Of Vampires in The Hoodling's Hole:

3. The brilliant BaneLords and BaneLegions now has a new moniker - DarkLands - and webstore - Mierce Miniatures. I'll be dropping by regularly to drool over their latest releases... simply... wow...


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