Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Climbing Sprue Mountain #3 - Beastmen

Rather a different type of picture today, isn't it? Yes, as we reach the half way camp on our climb up the west face of sprue mountain, we've reached the first proper looking army - and none of it is actually on the sprue. Result! Welcome to the massed brayherd on my hobby shelves of doom. Everything here is a work-in-progress because I simply cannot help but work on tens of models simultaneously. My beastmen are the only army that I'm giving scenic bases. I'm not that keen on them as they can detract rather too much from the actual model, but enough of these guys arrived with flashy plinths to make it a theme throughout the herd. I'm going to try and get all of this polished off before the new year so that I can justify a glass-fronted display case on my Christmas list...  

It's really great to look at an army-in-progress and realise that I don't have to buy anything else for it - my wife sighs with relief as I tell her I've just typed that!
Multi-purpose fantasy wolves... from space!
The minotaurs advance, sandwiched between the spider centaurs to the front and the giant and ghorgon to the rear - you just know this is going to end in all shades of bloody carnage.
The 'big guys' of the army - very unlikely to make it together into any kind of 'legal' list, but then again I don't really tend to play that kind of game.


  1. My eyes started drying out studying the first pic. So many cool and different figs there.

    1. Thank you Scotty. Sorting them all out on that shelf was the first time I'd actually put them all together. It's spurring me on to get stuck into finishing them all, which is a good thing!


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