Sunday, 2 September 2012

Climbing Sprue Mountain #1 - Dark Eldar

Climbing Sprue Mountain could probably have been the name for this blog. It's a silly phrase, of course, but it rather neatly captures the endless work that a hobby with small plastic toy soldiers involves. To celebrate a year of writing this blog I'm doing a short series this week that details exactly where I am with all the armies that I collect. I recently climbed my own sprue mountain in the more literal sense as - under orders from my wife - I completely (re)organised the hobby shelves on the landing outside our bedroom (it really needed doing!).   
Not very much going on here...yet...
I'm starting this series with my Dark Eldar because this lot are 99% still on the sprues. It's fun to have an army in this state, where it only exists as a fighting force in a prospective list form, including a whole bunch of things I've not bought yet. This is the first time that I've collected miniatures with such a planned method and I'm hoping that it'll stop me taking too many pricey wrong turns! My strategy is to build this army around Haemonculi HQ with plenty of Wracks and Grotesques - here's hoping that a plastic set of Grots makes it into the release schedule for next year. At the moment I'm thinking of a paint scheme that's mostly white, with purple details - that would be a cool challenge.


  1. I've heard rumours of new Grots, but don't know whether they'll be replacing the relatively new one or just adding more in Finecast. They can easily be converted from Rat Ogres or Crypt Horrors though.

  2. I've seen Rat Ogres used before but not Crypt Horrors. That's a really good idea as the kit is bursting with character. Thanks for that idea.


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