Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Converting Dark Vengeance Chaos Cultists, Simple Swaps

Yesterday I de-sprued the Chaos Marine half of two Dark Vengeance boxes, push fitting them together for a sense of tidiness and so I could begin to work out how to convert them. With two sets to work from there are plenty of duplicates. To begin I'm working with the cultists because they're the most straightforward - they can be mixed and matched a bit with what's already there and can take relatively straightforward swaps with a wide range of bits. In my double-box there are eight cultist models with four duplicates each, as well as two each of the cultist leaders and heavy weapon guys. Here are my first three conversions:

1. This cultist usually has an autogun. Here I've swapped in a pistol from one of the other cultists and added a hand/corpse from the crypt ghouls. This chap now fits into the close combat squad, adding variety.

2. This cultist has a new hand weapon from the Empire flagellants. He also has a crossbow. I really like the crossbows that come with the Empire models and I've been itching to use them in 40k to give some figures that mix of archaic weaponry and apparel. Now I have the chance. As crossbows don't appear in the rulebook I can just use them as stand-ins for pistols or autoguns, although this lot with be subs for pistols. I'll think of some fluff reason why the cultists have them and how they work further down the line.   

3. Another crossbow and another swap from the autogun squad into the close combat squad. This guy also needs some greenstuff before he's truly ready. Once I've done a few more of these I'm going to start swapping heads around and moving legs.


  1. I've yet to even open my copy of 40k...

    Not sure about crossbows in 40k personally (or, at least, not counting as autopistols). Nice idea to swap models between the two squads though. I'll have to remember that when assembling/converting mine.

    1. Fair enough, but I've always liked the inclusion of these kinds of weapons. In Rogue Trader a crossbow was range 32" St 4. And of course you could also have hand bows (range 16") alongside muskets, slings and antique pistols. Although I very much like the new rules I remain a fan of the old 40k vision. In fact, I'd argue that this remains a key part of the 40k narrative... it just doesn't fit in the streamlined and more-or-less simplified codexes.

    2. I don't object to the use of primitive weapons as such - I've recently been feeling drawn back towards Gorkamorka, which has scope for bow and arrow - my worry is more about using a crossbow (which should be something like Heavy 1) to count as an autopistol. It's not that I'm a WYSIWYG fanatic (I wouldn't mind if your cultists had lasguns), but I think there should be a fairly good approximation between model and rules.

    3. Heavy 1 sounds approximately right for a 'real' crossbow, I have no problem with that. What I'm doing though is somewhere between on the one hand coming up with my own interpretation of what this weapon might be (on a particular world in the corner of the galaxy), and on the other taking the Empire Militia route, i.e. they are all armed the same regardless of what's on the model. On a practical note, I only play in a small gaming group so this would be no problem for my familiar opponents.


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